About Online Quran Teaching Academy

Online Quran Teaching Academy is a distance learning project which aims at bringing you Islamic education at your home. We have a whole team of trained and experienced teachers with expertise in Tajweed and Tafsir. Our students from all around the world are acquiring Islamic education Online. Those who were unable to read previously, started reciting Quran so well within a short span.

  • Online Quran classes are provided 24/7, at your desired time and days.
  • One to one Interactive sessions, each child gets individual attention.
  • English/Urdu speaking tutors appointed as your convenience.
  • Special emphasis on developing child’s interest.

Al Quran al Hakeem

Allah who created this universe, Adam and Eve and all of us, choose some of Adam’s sons to reveal his message for the man kind.Allah revealed it to Adam,Nooh,Hood,Saleh,Ibraheem,Ismaeel,Yaqoob,Moosa,Jesus and to some others not known to us, and to the last holy prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.Last scripture is known as Al Quran al Hakeem.Quran is the absolute truth,word of Allah and has been kept pure by Allah himself.If you want to know about the origin of universe,mankind and our purpose of being here, then you must learn Quran.
Quran is in Arabic language,which is the best language of the world for expressing any thing.Its grammar is very easy and can be learnt within weeks,the construction of different sentences is a joyful act after learning the basic principle.
Quran tells us about our duties as a Muslim,it makes us know the basic foundations of Islam,being to bear witness that Allah is the only one to be worshipped, and Muhammad peace be upon is his last messenger.We have to say our prayers,give alms to the needy,keep fast in the month of Ramzan and perform Haj if have resources.We have to  and ask others to speak truth and refrain from lies and other sins like stealing,intoxicating,sexual adultery and killing innocent peoples.We have not to take interest and never indulge in considering any one worshipable except Allah.A Muslim is to be always ready for fighting in the way of Allah against the tyrants and non believers who want to extinguish the light of Islam.The basic aim of Islam is to propogate the one ness of Allah in his being creator,God and nourisher of all of us and to establish justice in the society where the weak is protected against the ruthless powerful peoples.Unless we don’t propogate the good and just message of Islam we can not be a good Muslim.
Learn Quran to understand Islam and teach Quran to all so that they know the purpose of their life and act accordingly.