Noorani Qaidah

Learn Noorani Qaidah at Online Quran Teaching Academy

Noorani Qaida can be taken as a formula for understanding Holy Quran.We can solve any math problem by applyin appropriate formula.Similarly by reading and understanding noorani qaida we are in a position to pronounce Arabic alphabets with most proper pronunciation.The information about vowels,zair, zabar and paish and properties of different alphabets when read together are taught here.It is the fundamental teaching of Arabic language, without which there is no question of learning the Holy Quran.

Beginning Quran reading from standard level is quite essential, as it provides you the standard Tajweed abilities that allows you and your kids to check out the Holy Quran without understanding the guidelines of tajweed. The standard Qaida (Fundamental Tajweed) is created in such a way that allows you check out right after you finish this little pamphlet with the assistance of our instructors. Following is the quick course overview.

  1. The Arabic Alphabet & their Appropriate Pronunciation
  2. Consonants
  3. Brief Vowels (Harakat).
  4. Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah).
  5. Tanween.
  6. Soft Vowels (Huroof Leenah).
  7. Midday Sakinah & Tanween.
  8. Guidelines of Raa.
  9. Guidelines of Laam.
  10. Midday Qutni.
  11. Waqf (Appropriate Pausing and Stopping).
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