Pillars of islam

Five Pillars of Islam

1. Kalma Tauheed.

It is the declaration that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah. 

2. Salat

It is Praying five times a day,Fajar(before sun rise),Zuhr ( after sun starts going down),Asar (Evening), Maghrib(After sunset) and Isha(Night). Muslims keep their faces towards Makkah while praying and pray copying holy prophet Muhammad.

3. Zakat

Each year every rich  Muslim having certain amount/property already fixed is to give money to charity usually 2.5% of their amount. 

4. Fasting

during the month of Ramzan  is also essential,during the fasting Muslim can not eat, drink or have marital relation .It starts from fajr and ends at sunset.

5. Haj

A wealthy Muslim who can afford is supposed to perform Haj, which is to pray for Allah’s forgiveness while standing at Arfat (A mountain near Makkah) facing Masjid Haram on 9 Zilhaj.kalmay